Tuesday , July 17th 2018
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Seedling Design Your Own Headphones: Street Art Style Activity Kit Review

Seedling Design Your Own Headphones: Street Art Style Activity Kit Review


Model: 16TDHPS



    • Turn up the fun and Design Your Own Street Art Headphones and crank your creativity up full blast!
    • This all-in-one kit includes: 1 pair white over-ear headphones, bright “”spray”” paints, colorful adhesive paper to create stickers or stencil shapes, craft markers, and instructions.
    • High quality headphones are compatible with any device with a standard headphone jack. When designing your headphones, be sure to spritz the paint onto the headphones very lightly. Allow paint to dry completely before wearing to avoid any tackiness.
    • This kit promotes creative confidence, problem-solving skills, creative and imaginative play. Recommended for children ages 8+



16TDHPS Reviews

“Good Headphones, And Great Quality Art Media”

First of all, the most significant part the headphones (the speakers) work good. The sound quality is nice, the fit is quite comfortable, the cord is plenty long. As a pair of functioning headphones the quality on these is quite great. Furthermore, my son had a blast decorating them. I was amazed the supplied markers drew so well on vinyl (and dried tough and eternally). He didnt use the spray paint supplied, but my daughter did on a sheet of paper. She had fun and made a cool little piece of artwork. Following her 7 year-old experimentation without my knowledge, I’ll supply you with the following advice: USE A DISPOSABLE TABLE CLOTH WITH THE SPRAY PAINT. It squirts from a pump bottle, and there was definitely some paint speckles on my desk and chairs. I grabbed it quickly enough to clean this up. Thought I would provide you fair warning. The paint and markers are really excellent quality (this is from an art instructor) and work well with the plastics of the cans. I would certainly recommend this!

Seedling Design Your Own Headphones: Street Art Style Activity Kit Review | 16TDHPS Review


“A Good Quality, Wearable Art Project For Older Kids. Fantastic Sound And Works With Different Devices”

That is a high quality fun craft for many likely 6-10 year olds. The head phones are soft and padded and are made for smaller ears (not mature size). The band is adjustable for bigger heads however. They fit to CD player or an iPhone interface well with quality sound. They do not have a security feature for the volume for small kids they could turn it up too loud that could damage small ears. Not a problem for kids. But I gave it four stars since I obtained this as a project and headphones for my 3 yo and his 5 yo friend (since no age range was specified) and there are a number of components that were a little difficult or more mature child friendly with parents help. The spray paint was too difficult for little hands to push down along with the stencils sheet needed to be designed and cut on yourself. For an older child these wouldn’t be a problem and could be likely really neat to get a kid to draw, cut and then spray paint their own picture.However the spray paint has been an exciting feature. It did have to be held in a good distance orntnwould glob up a bit. The markers worked really well too with vibrant colours all around. For my children it took a little more parent assistance rather than needing precut designs began to push the patience as well. Some awesome features were that the exterior could be decorated but also the inside along with the cord. Its a great idea and a way to wear and use an art project regularly. Probably an outdoor job because it gets pretty messy Highly recommend for the 6-10 age variety.

Seedling Design Your Own Headphones: Street Art Style Activity Kit Review | 16TDHPS Review