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Sauder Sewing Craft Cart, Cinnamon Cherry Finish Review

Sauder Sewing Craft Cart, Cinnamon Cherry Finish Review


Model: 411615

ASIN: B005405RBS


    • Space-saving cabinet conceals computer
    • Slide-out shelf features easy-glide metal runners
    • Three small adjustable shelves
    • Drop leave provides extra work space for sewing or crafts
    • Storage behind roll-open door includes two storage bins and hidden shelf for sewing machine
    • Two adjustable shelves behind door
    • Melamine top surface is heat, stain and scratch-resistant
    • Easy roll casters
    • This item is eligible for free replacement parts. Contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.



411615 Reviews

“Sturdy, Beautiful, Lots Of Storage! ”

Overall the structure of the table/cart is very sturdy. Simple assembly. TONS of storage. Looks great – but I updated the knobs and updated the wheels to bigger wheels.The carts are wonderful. I have a home business design and design jobs, so I’ve a lot of stuff. I just recently relocated into a more pricier, but far smaller apartment, so my space is considerably restricted. I originally had two big 6ft heavy fold out tables and tons of bins and more; this seemed so ugly too. I pitched the tables and everything fit perfectly in both packs!!! The carts are very sturdy… anybody who stated they fall apart did not build them correctly–incidentally, assembly is extremely straightforward. It took me an hour per cart to build. One drawback was that the screws and hinges all came together jumbled in a single bag… that was bothersome to sort out.I use a pretty heavy industrial walking foot sewing machine by Sailrite (I don’t recommend that sewing machine, its created horribly and their customer service is fine before there’s a problem, purchase a reliable barracuda instead!!!) As well as the table supports it just fine, even if Im jamming through some cloths. My puppy loves to do tricks, and while I was taking photos she decided the cutting edge mat was a perfect place to park it she parked her butt ontop, and it didnt budge. Supported her 45lbs. I dont recommend having your dogs sit in your cupboard for a multitude of reasons, though.The original casters didn’t shake while sewing, but they’re cheap and do not lock. I have a ton of stuff packed inside of those carts… plenty of thick upholstery cloth… my god it matches. I can still wheel the carts round my laminate flooring with it packed and carrying my heavy material with the original caster feet.The colour is very very dim. I wish I’d have purchased white since I have these in my own dining area aka craft room, they’d have looked to be an extension of my kitchen cabinets.The first cart was perfect but I chipped a border assembling it, the next cart had a processor in a border once I took it from the box… no big deal. Im going to seal it using wood glue… this isnt furniture out of restoration hardware.The hardware is drab and inexpensive looking, so I updated my knobs to some satin nickel knobs from amazon – http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005I4J00O/refequalsoh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ieequalsUTF8andpscequals1The table sits very low for me … I like tables which are a bit higher as my chair is greater. I replaced the little plastic two caster feet with polyurethane 4 casters. By upgrading the casters you can move the cabinets even easier and the lock mechanism functions extremely well.You may also purchase a folding leg attachment so you dont need to open the door so as to elevate the ledge. Http://www.amazon.com/Products-013-071-Folding-Table-Leg/dp/B002N5YF2O/refequalssr_1_12?ieequalsUTF8andqidequals1420692467andsrequals8-12andkeywordsequalsTable+legs I have forgotten that the door was supporting the table and closed it only to ship the table top, and everything resting on it, crashing into the ground.I ordered two from Amazon the other day. The first one was under $89 and when I placed the next order a few hours after the cost jumped to $140+ even though Walmart and other stores nevertheless were selling it for under $100… I chatted online with Amazon and they advised me to pound sand and to buy it elsewhere when I found it cheaper. I spoke with somebody on the phone with Amazon and she just said uuuhhhhhhh thats not Amazon Prime and hung up on me. I decided to call back once more and I got a very sweet woman who let me purchase the next cart for your price I paid to get the initial one a few hours ahead of the second order. Learn to Kaye V. with the Amazon customer service staff! Shes very sweet, professional, and actually listened to what I had been saying.

Sauder Sewing Craft Cart, Cinnamon Cherry Finish Review | 411615 Review