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Losun Hand Embroidery Starter Kit, 50 Premium Rainbow Color Embroidery Floss, Craft Cross Stitch Threads Tool Including Magic Pen, Bamboo Embroidery Hoops for DIY Sewing Knitting Knit Crochet

Product Features:

    Fashion TrendEmbroidery's roots are ancient, with every culture having some form it in their textile art history.Although the activity started with practical beginnings to mend clothing,it has grown into a creative endeavor that remains popular today.Particularly among contemporary artists who incorporate thread into their work,or use the embroidery hoop…
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Product Description

Fashion Trend
Embroidery’s roots are ancient,
with every culture having some form it in their textile art history.
Although the activity started with practical beginnings to mend clothing,
it has grown into a creative endeavor that remains popular today.
Particularly among contemporary artists who incorporate thread into their work,
or use the embroidery hoop as a frame for fabric art.
Embroidery is also used for clothing and bags, which is more vivid than flat print.
The Best Choice for a Beginner
Losun Embroidery Starter Kit contains 1pcs bamboo embroidery hoops, 50 color threads.
The most complete beginner embroidery kit is equipped
with all the tools you need for embroidery. With this precious set,
you can start your embroidery journey.
Embroidery Sewing As Your New Hobby
Having a hobby is important. Kids can learn to embroider using basic patterns
with a minimum of design elements.
Helping to keep their interest and not allowing boredom to set in,
which can happen with larger or more detailed projects.
It gives you a release of stress and can provide opportunities
for socializing and meeting new people.
Personalized Gifts
If you are like most people, picking out the perfect gift can be a nightmare.
This is why picking up a gift making hobby is so useful.
Personalized,home made gifts are touching in a way
that something you picked up from target can never be.
By learning to sew, you will be investing in becoming
the best gift giver on the block.
Package Includes
1 x Thimble
1 x scissors
1 x 60″ Tape
1 x untwist tool
2 x Stitch needle
10 x Winding plate
1 x Embroidery pen
50 x Colored Threads
1 x Water soluble pen
2 x Punch needle pens
9 x Embroidery Needles
1 x 7 inch Embroidery Hoop
2 x 11.8″*11.8″ Embroidered cloth
2 x Cross Stitch Needle-Threading Tools

Product Features

  • 【Beautiful DIY Projects 】Embroidery is an easy unique and beautiful craft that can be applied to almost of clothing and home decoration. Embroidery is the craft of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn. Quilt, place-mats, purses, table runners, cushion covers, wall hangings, towels, totes, table cloths and more as your imagination can reach. Easy to get started, but also easy to produce manual DIY.
  • 【Best Gift】This is a great embroidery kit for beginners and beyond. Simply put the pre-printed 100% cotton fabric in the hoop and start stitching! This complete contemporary embroidery kit contains everything you need to finish your own piece of beautiful hoop art. Follow the included stitch and colour guide, or have fun creating your own unique design. You can design or make embroidering for your home improvment, clothes, wallet, bag, shoes.
  • 【Beautiful Decoration】Embroidery is the handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn. You can use basic techniques or create more complex stitches like unique roses. After finishing the embroidery, the embroidery pattern can be framed in the 7 inch Round Bamboo Embroidery Hoop, hanging in the living room or bedroom, as an interior decoration.
  • 【Art Skill Learning】Learning hand embroidery is both fun and relaxing whatever you’re beginer or old one, it’s an easy way to create beautiful art with fabric and thread. Getting started in embroidery may seem difficulty at first, but most patterns only require a few basic stitches and our stitching tutorials fit the bill. Whether you’re a new stitcher or an advanced beginner,if you learn these 15 essential stitches, you’ll be easy to tackle just about any embroidery project issue.
  • 【Fashion Trend】The embroidery is a creating well-designed and thoughtfully made goods isn’t just a fashion trend, it’s a growing movement that’s quickly gaining momentum. Step inside the handmade cross stitching world of slow fashion pioneer and learn to create a flattering swing skirt that’s entirely sewn and embellished by hand. You can create anything as you imagine.