Tuesday , July 17th 2018
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Glass Grinder – Glastar SuperStar II Grinder Review

Glass Grinder – Glastar SuperStar II Grinder Review


Model: G12

ASIN: B000L9C314


    • 8″ x 9″ worksurface fits needs of most hobbyist
    • Powerful, yet quiet motor
    • Do NOT block the ventilation opening on the back or the bottom of the grinder for proper ventilation
    • Includes 2 grinder bits
    • 5 year manufacturer waranty



G12 Reviews

“Superb Glass Grinder”

Im a newbie with the entire glass cutting expertise and Ive just used one other grinder that belonged to the person who’s teaching me the techniques. I’m very impressed by Glastar SuperStar II! It works a lot better than the one I had been training on. Very simple to use, however I was wondering if theres an easy way to clean it and/or empty water?? The instructions were sort of lame and pictures of the assembly would have really helped me because I’m relatively unfamiliar with the terms/names of the parts. As an instance, placing in the plug to the reservoir. First I couldnt find the place to insert it, I had trouble getting it all the way into the opening. Im fairly sure its not going to come out from there anytime soon! Filling it with water was confusing for me too. I know this sounds dumb but I was anticipating an opening marked as the location to add the water.All in all though, its a great tool and’m thrilled with that.

Glass Grinder – Glastar SuperStar II Grinder Review | G12 Review



I am so happy I bought this grinder rather than a less expensive one! Its good does a wonderful job, and quality. I didnt realize it would include a small diameter glass drill that mounts on top of the regular grinding bit. The drill tool enabled me to make a piece that included a somewhat tight inside corner. . .without including a seam! Additionally, the cute little drawer at the unit lets me store the majority of the accessories right there in the device. The only thing that doesnt match is the platform that’s included for use with the drill instrument. The ones a winner!

Glass Grinder – Glastar SuperStar II Grinder Review | G12 Review


“Quiet and Potent. ”

I’ve already been a stained glass artist, meaning that it had been my livelihood. I had gotten back in the craft. This grinder is silent and effective. I really like that there is a hole on the bottom of the grinding point. This enables me to attach a tube into the bottom of the grinder that permits the water to drain into the jug. It is important to maintain the grinder area around the piece wet and also to continuously rinse bits of glass this area. I use a turkey baster to maintain it well rinsed.

Glass Grinder – Glastar SuperStar II Grinder Review | G12 Review


“Works Wonderfully. I Like The Fact It Came With The two …”

Works wonderfully. I like the fact that it came with the 3/4 and 1/4 pieces. The 1/4 screws onto the top of the shaft so that you have both dimensions available to use without needing to stop and change the bits. It does not came with a eye shield, which I would advise getting before using the grinder. The storage drawer holds the right edge manual and has space for extra pieces.

Glass Grinder – Glastar SuperStar II Grinder Review | G12 Review